The Problem is Last Year

by Dave Linnenbank

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Preface 01:29
running, jumping, hiding climbing trees and all that time left with the impression that the world respects the mind and we'll go like the others did but we don't know the half of it and why can't they build a bridge longer? science just gets in the way.
Bramble 04:11
it's an early autumn and time will never last though it can't reach bottom it seems we're dropping fast empty expectation hardly pop a frown drowning information the truth is going down the kind of moment you'll never live down now five years older the wrong her's around anyhow heading straight and narrow until the roads divide now i'm lost and callow and tired and tongue-tied the kind of moment you'll never live down now five years older the wrong her is around but i control all this wanton wandering and next time i'll see us through awaiting silence a dream that hasn't come wanting just forgiveness but it's a weighty sum
Trep 05:56
Flint 03:38
i'm afraid of these shelves all talk, no help but walking out on the lawn green looks so real back to sleep, it's safer alone things get stuck in my throat stone truths, small notes and time fails to slow down tomorrow, next year better off 'cause i'm on my own so tip back the hourglass and spill some time on the floor it turns out that nothing lasts so why not walk through the door? many thoughts drift to you not that you're new it just seems right so right i can't sleep here i am, i'm not going home can't you see what things have been sown it might take two days, just like rome
Slight 03:22
history is fleeting still we better try the leaves are conceding can't really fly what do you feel? so much is off the books. take comfort in not knowing wear it like a dress the sea is barely glowing no one to impress now this won't work maybe it never would you taste so... winds blow down hill chewed up and overjoyed right foot first
Gois 06:10
Hoff 05:15
i don't want you to love me i just want you to know not shooting for the rafters maybe two feet below and you think much too much and i drink just enough and i just love you so i know the things you say and you believe the things you see can't recognize the truth or relocate the key and you hurt me so much and i hurt me enough and my head's tired of you and i got wind and broke down and lost it and screwed up and so i played just the cards i was dealt nothing wild, aces low i know that you are trying for the first time in so long and i'm seeking optimism but 4 in 5 i'm wrong 'cause some nights get so dark and those thoughts are too sharp they cut just like brand-new and i cannot relax, not enough as the tide pulls me down but i would not nor can i change anything a thing a thing but everything recycles so let's reuse this time try to reduce attrition and just commute the crimes and we tried from the start to make something with heart but we failed better luck next time
it was the gold standard, but we drifted supposed to be more than a temporary stake not totally worthless, it's still paper it seems all the numbers and faces are just an allegory the truth is ideal but, still imperfect she leaves a deal wanting, save honesty not looking for polish, not on purpose and now, everything is just shiny enough to become hazy things used to have shape and sense protection from nature, home sweet shelter the kindness that comes from intimacy replacing small traumas with such promise and you and your mane and your shoes and your attitude beckon me why the pacific northwest? past may be prologue, but in walks present believing in one more opportunity not really deserving, not of your hand but now, since my head is on straight i love you yes, i love you i will love you no matter what no matter what no matter what no matter what no matter what just you
Nostra 03:19
Grane 05:42
this is too far the siren knows our time is up so bring what counts but leave some there we haven't room it's an ocean, it's vast and unspoiled and too cold it's contagious, just not from shaking hands the blues and reds grab what's still here feelings not tied down and take some sand to fill the gaps it's all that's left it's a skyscraper, dancing to great heights with half-smiles it's a white flag, it's time to quit their game from kindness down these buildings came full of promise, full of walls with sadness gone the silence grows strong but not enough built for something else woke-up but it's still dark and light slowly descends it's a city, it's lights and alive and on fire it's a fresh start, it's bleeding and fury and song it's an interstate, shortcut to things not that different i'm so overwhelmed, but you know where i am


"The Problem is Last Year" is the debut album of electronic musician & songwriter Dave Linnenbank. The songs are drawn from imagination and experience, written in the afterglow of both triumph and defeat.


released July 24, 2012

All songs and sounds by Dave Linnenbank
except for
Lady vocals on "Preface" by Sylvia Chen (

Mastered by Michelle Mancini
at The Mastering Palace

Design by Ashley Riehlin (
Photography by Tom Kershaw (


all rights reserved



Dave Linnenbank Berlin, Germany

Electronic musician & singer/songwriter. It has been said that my music is equal parts acoustic guitar, control voltage, and verse. I can't really argue with this.

Also, Joe Biden called me clean and articulate once.

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